Gummy Girl Girl Scout Cookie Vape Cartridge


Gummy Girl offers a premium vape experience using a quartz coil cartridge and highest quality silver brass mouthpiece. Exclusively manufactured with organic terpenes, these cartridges are perfect for the person who wants the best cart quality and experience.

Girl Scout Cookies is another strain that you just need to try if you haven’t yet! Rough day at work? Head pounding? Hungover? Legs aching? GSC seems to just make everything a little better! It is the #1 relief strain in the U.S. and is also a great strain for socializing.

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The C2 Core Tanker uses Core technology which is an innovative and cleaner way to vape oils. As one of two cartridges out on the market with a quartz coil, the C2 utilizes some of the newest technology in the industry. The glass filter only allows vapor through, giving the consumer a more flavorful experience, and it can withstand higher temperatures and more usage without burning out. The reservoir is also made of glass, to give the fullest of flavors and maintain the oil’s true integrity.

#1 Relief Strain!




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1 gram, 1/2 gram


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